Monday, June 9, 2008

Whole new day!

So, I wrote earlier today how stressed I was feeling, etc... Well, I just had to post on how different I feel after coaching! Music is so wonderful that way! I just met with my vocal coach and sang through all of the Puccini repertoire and it went great! I feel optimistic and light-hearted and excited about going to Italy. All of a sudden those little details, such as cleaning my house, have just faded away. My vocal coach, and accompanist friends, Jeremy & Karen, are all going to Graz, Austria this summer for their own summer festival - so they know all about how I am feeling and can be excited for me. They also remind me to HAVE FUN!

So - I am now having fun! My day is much better now! Thanks Robert!

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Kate Tokar- Trav's wife :) said...

Have a great time in Italy! I can't believe you have a 10 hour layover. That makes me want to cry! I hope it goes quickly and that you can relax and enjoy your time! I know you will do great! Take care!