Monday, June 23, 2008

Bella Italia!

I just had the most beautiful experience - some friends and I went for an all-day bike ride throughout the back hills of the Marche region.  It was so glorious - words cannot express it.  I am sure that the most people will never see the sights I saw this weekend.  It was so wonderful!

Today starts our second full week - and the beginning of the preparation for Suor Angelica.  I am so excited to dive deeper into my character and the music.  The coaches and directors on staff here are simply amazing and I am grateful for the chance to learn from them.  I am so fully in love with Italy and Puccini right now - I can't explain it!  Bellisimo!

More soon...

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liederlover said...

Hi there,
I like your updates! I just messaged you on f/b with an unusual request....please read and respond accordingly! I look forward to swapping summer stories. (Will you have a recording(s) from your time in Italia?)