Tuesday, June 3, 2008

8 days and counting...

Today has been one of those "wood-shedding" days. For weeks now I have been meeting with my vocal coach, Dr. Robert Mills as well as my pianist friend, Jeremy Peterman, several times a week to go through my music. We are at the point now where it is time to leave the score outside the room and really try singing through stuff OFF-BOOK.

I have been sitting in the practice room up at ASU all day just hammering words into my mind. Overall I am doing good with memorization - there are just certain spots that need to be ironed out. However I must admit that locking myself in a room and trying to memorize repertoire is not my favorite part of the job. I prefer to just practice and practice and eventually, naturally memorize everything. However in this case I have not had the luxury of time to do that. With only 8 days to go, I need to just do it until it's done.

So, in the end I will be glad for the progress made but yikes it's tiring! *Whenever I feel tempted to complain - I just remind myself that in a week I will be in Italy having a blast and these fleeting moments of madness will be gone and forgotten about!!!!

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