Friday, June 13, 2008

Great first day!

So, you would think I had said to Rachel - hey let's do something crazy so I can have a story for my blog. But no - we did not set out to be crazy...

We set out to go for a walk and find a place to eat dinner (5pm). So we began walking and after a little while realized that our sidewalk was ending. We had come too far to turn back, so we hiked through bushes so as not to get run over by the rush-hour traffic. I lost track of how many honks we got. Anyhow, we walked for like 45-50 minutes before realizing that there were no restaurants down the way we went. Then, it began to rain - and then it began to pour. The idea of walking to save cab fare was now a distant memory. We hailed a cab and he took us to a busy street in central Bologna where we had many eateries to choose from. However - at least in Bologna - restaurants do not open for dinner until 7!

So, now we walked an hour, got rained on, were fried from traveling (and very hungry) but had to wait!  HOWEVER - Even though we went through all that, we ended up having the best dinner! We shared some Bruschetta, Fresh Bufalo Mozzarella with Tomato and Seafood Pasta. It was all wonderful and worth the wait!

All around us, people were watching the Euro Cup - football (soccer).  Italy was playing and no matter where we walked - everyone was glued to the TV screen.  In surround sound you would hear outbursts of either joy or anguish over a play.  It was very Italian and very entertaining.

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