Sunday, June 29, 2008

Successful run-through!

Well, yesterday was a big day for me! We ran through the entire Il Trittico and my parents arrived in Piobbico!

First - the run through! Can I just say "WOW!!!!" I am so full you better watch out or some may get on you! I had such a fantastic time singing and just being in the moment of the music - I never wanted it to end! I was dripping with sweat and totally starving after - yet completely full and brimming with joy. It went really well and I can see the growth of the last two weeks. I love singing and being a part of the deep communication of music. I am so blessed on this earth! Tomorrow we drive 30 minutes over to Urbania to have our first rehearsal with the orchestra in the Teatro Bramante. Is this my life????? Why YES - it is! Words area pathetic excuse for communicating how I feel right now.

To top it off - my mom and Dave arrived in Piobbico yesterday!!! It has been a glorious 24 hours with them. What a joy to share this bit of heaven with them. Today I had the day off and so we drove throughout Le Marche, visiting Urbino and Urbania. We just finished dining at the most fabulous restaurant in Piobbico - Il Burchio. I am so blessed, words cannot say! This is going to be a big week and I just hope to enjoy and be present in every moment of it.

More to come....

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