Monday, June 9, 2008

2 days...

OK - this morning I woke up stressed.  My suitcase is too full, my house looks like a tornado blew threw it and I need to practice!

I am about to go to ASU to have my final coaching with Dr. Mills and then I need to check some stuff out from the music library before I run through the entire Suor Angelica with Jeremy.  Balancing everything feels like a lot today.  

I always overpack!  It's mainly because I don't know what I will really want when I'm away so I just bring everything.  However with weight limits and the like I really have no choice but to leave some things behind.  We have a scale that we are using to weigh my luggage.  First I get on, log my weight and then I get on holding my bag & log that weight.  Then I subtract my weight from the total to determine how much my bag weighs.  Right now --- too much!

I am laughing at all my "gadgets."  I have my computer, my iPod, my recorder, my camera, my power converter and all the plugs that go with.  Just when I think to myself - never mind - I remember that once I am there I will be so glad that I have all these devices with me.  

When I check my luggage in, sit in my window seat, turn on my iPod and close my eyes, I'm sure I'll exhale.  However I suspect that today & tomorrow will be very full and probably very tiring.

Off I go...  

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