Saturday, June 7, 2008

4 days 'til liftoff!

As I prepare to spend a month in Italy, my mind is racing with a million various thoughts, questions and "to-do's." I imagine the things I'll do, the people I'll meet and what the town will look like.  I go over in my mind what I should (and should not) pack.  I ponder what the food will be like and daydream about singing in an ancient castle with a fabulous orchestra!  In all of this I have made lists - packing lists, lists of errands to run and things like my itinerary.  I have also brainstormed about how to make sure to have the BEST possible 4 weeks in Italy!

One topic that I have thought a lot about is how to maintain my healthy, active lifestyle while on vacation and away from home.  When at home, I typically prepare my of my own food and eat a mixture of lean protein, fat-free dairy products and LOTS of produce.  I do cardio almost every day and do strength training 3 days a week.  These things are really important to me and so I have recently spent time thinking through how I will maintain all of this away from home.  Here's my plan:

I will be living in my own little apartment - complete with a kitchen!  GREAT!  I have been told that there are a lot of wonderful, fresh markets in town with lots of locally grown produce.  FABULOUS!  I have discovered that Piobbico is known for its beautiful hills and hiking, and with average summer temps in the 70's, I figure I will have plenty of opportunity to hike, run, walk and therefore be able to get in my cardio while discovering the beauty of my new surroundings!  AWESOME!  I also met with a trainer at my gym who showed me how to use a tube to work all my upper-body muscles, if no gym is available.  I have a cool workout journal where I have written down a lot of wonderful strength-training exercises that I can do without any machines - just in case.  YES!  And so I am feeling good about living healthy even while being in Italy for a whole month!!!!  *Of course I have also given myself permission to enjoy the local favorites such as pasta, gelato and wine - just in moderation!  

It is exciting to consider actually living in a new place.  I hope to meet a lot of locals and practice my Italian with them as well as learn all about their culture.  I hope to shop in the local markets and then head back to my little flat and prepare some wonderful, healthy meals complete with fresh herbs, fresh fish and fresh veggies!  MMMmmm!

So, I think what I have learned is that thinking ahead can make all the difference!  Imagining myself there and then considering what I can do or learn before I go to make my trip the best it can be really can make all the difference!

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