Thursday, June 19, 2008

Great Resources

As part of my training here I will receive a private coaching &/or lesson with each member of the staff. Yesterday I had a voice lesson with Soprano Amy Johnson. Can I just say - WOW! In one hour we accomplished so much I could hardly resist the urge to cry. We discussed technique and she gave me some simple tips that created enormous difference in my sound and body usage. I am still flored! I also had an acting lesson with Tenor Mark Thomsen. I feel so much more centred and confidant! It is simply amazing to me. I have been given some superb people to work with.

We are doing an evening of scenes on Saturday night where I will be performing the La Boheme and Don Giovanni. It has been exciting putting all of this together with people from around the globe. We have singers, directors and coaches from 8 different countries participating in this program. For my Boheme scene I am singing with two powerhouses, professional, experienced men (Marcelo & Rodolfo) and an up and coming Musetta. I almost wept after singing through this scene with them because it feels like a dream. To sing the glorious music of Puccini's La Boheme in Italy with professional singers alongside you is like a dream come true. WOW!

Once the scenes night is over I will be solely focusing on Suor Angelica. It is a glorious work and I love the privilege of singing it. This experience continues to blow my mind. It is almost indescribable and I am fully aware how weak my little words are describing it. All I know is I am the luckiest girl alive.


Deke Sinclair said...

Reading your comments brought me to tears. This is all I ever wanted for you - to be happy and fulfilled. Thank you, God.

Bud & Kim said...

So great to read about your adventures! Have fun. :)