Sunday, June 8, 2008

3 days to go & my iPod died!

Well, with 3 days until I leave my trusted, VERY USED iPod Mini...died.  At first I was overwhelmed because I use my iPod daily when 1) working out, 2) to listen to my repertoire.  PLUS, I had already planned that I would use it both in the airport (for my 10-hour layover) and on the plane to run through all my repertoire for Italy.  So having it die on me was TRAGIC.  Then I realized how thankful I should be.  Perche?  Because at least it happened here and not there!  Here I can replace it - there I'm stuck.  So, I bought a new RED iPod Nano yesterday which I hope to take with me to Italy.  Everyday is a chance to learn something.  

*Thanks mom

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Mauree said...

Razorback Red, right?