Saturday, July 19, 2008

YES! I am still here!

Hello dear friends!

Sorry it seemed as if I dropped off the side of the earth!  I haven't!  After all that singing and performing - my body needed a rest!  SO - rest it is getting!

My latest challenge has been coming down off such a mountain-top experience.  As performers, we work feverishly toward a big performance and then it comes and goes with the blink of an eye.  Then what?  The life of a performer is such that you are then off to the next gig.  I am sure over the course of my life and my career there will be many gig's and people to accompany those gig's however - this was a truly special group of people and an experience that I am sure will be unparalleled to anything else in my life.  I will carry it with me always and it has forever changed me.  I am so thankful.  

Music is like that - but people make all the difference.  Singing Puccini in Italy is magical however meeting a befriending the people of Piobbico and those within The Professional Advantage was life changing.  We are impacted and influenced by people and relationships.  The people I met and befriended this summer gave so much to me both as an artist and as a person.  It was as if we knew each other for years.  And while that was not the case - it will be now.  These relationships will last far beyond Piobbico and cross way beyond language barriers.  I think part of why this happened had to do with timing and place in life, but also because of who these individuals actually are as people.  I have been so blessed to know them and they have deposited so much into my life.  

Grazie mi nuove amici e grazie Piobbico!

As for me and what's next... I am off to the next gig as they say.  It is time to start learning new music and thinking about the fall audition season.  There is always more to learn!  I also plan to join some type of Italian conversation group so I can continue with my language development!  I will keep you all posted as well!  Thanks for reading about my trip to Italy!  I hope you learned something and had fun alongside me!  Keep coming back - you never know where the adventure of music will take you!

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