Friday, July 11, 2008

Wrapping up Piobbico

Well, I must say that Piobbico, Italy is one of the most wonderful places I have ever been to in my life.  If you are ever thinking of going to Italy - consider visiting it!  Piobbico is 20-30 minutes from Urbino and Urbania.  It is a small city with lots of love and heart to give.  

Some highlights and recommendations:

Where to stay!
- My parents stayed in a beautiful "agriturismo," called "Perbacco."  Perbacco is a property that has three vacation apartments on the grounds.  The apartments are like homes.   They are spacious, clean, cutely-decorated, and complete with all the kitchen and bathroom items one would need.  Mom stayed in the first apartment, Infernaccio.  This place has two bedrooms, a huge bathroom and a loft.  The home is located right in front of Monte Nerone (the Nerone Mountain) and has a gorgeous hill-top view of Piobbico.  You are a 5 minutes walk from everything in Piobbico.  The owner, Luisa, is a kind, hard-working woman who even baked us a fresh tart with the fruits from her garden!

- I stayed in another vacation apartment right at the base of the Castello Brancaleoni.  My address was

1 Via Brancaleoni
Piobbico, IT

- OR - you could stay the the "Albergo Montenerone" (Montenerone hotel).  This hotel is quaint, clean, newly-renovated and located in the heart of Piobbico.  It is awesome!

Where to eat!
The food and wine in Piobbico are absolutely PERFECT!  You cannot do wrong, but here are some recommendations.

Il Burchio:  cucina e vino
61046 Piobbico (PU)
tel: 0722 986517

*This restaurant is the very best in Piobbico!!!!!!!!

Everything on the menu is excellent!  Brothers Andrea & Marcelo Paiardini are the owners and they will treat you like family!  This restaurant is tucked away in an alley, and that allows it to be both romantic and quiet and fantastic!  After your meal ask for their signature "Crema di Lemoncello"  You will never be the same!

Another great place to eat is

Ristorante Montenerone Da Carletto
61046 Piobbico (PU)
tel: 0722 986282

Fantastic location in the heart of Piobbico!  Excellent food!  Carletto is the owner.  Ask for either him or Dino and they will take care of you!  I often allowed them to order for me - just whatever was good that day!

Finally - one of my favorite places to get a cappuccino and check my e-mail was the wonderful, family-owned cafe:  Caffe del Corso.  They are located right next to the Albergo Montenerone on Via Roma.  This wonderful cafe is owned and operated by 4 generations of one family.  They are always open and serve the best gelato in Piobbico!  You must go by!

I do hope many of you will consider taking a trip to Piobbico.  You can take a bus from Pesaro in just about an hour.  It is a glorious place!!!!!!

More thoughts and reflections to come...


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