Sunday, July 6, 2008


Well, as I said I plan to take a pausa and reflect on my time in Piobbico. However – in the meantime, I am in Venezia (Venice). Wow! Totally different than Piobbico! It is like a movie with all the Gondolas and the water on the canal. I love it! Today we went to Piazza San Marco, the Museo Correr and the Palazzo Ducale. We went sightseeing up and down the Grand Canal on a Vaporetto (water bus). We ended up in Lido, which is a separate little island near Venezia and we got rained on at the Rialto Bridge Marketplace. FUN TIMES! P.S. It is so hard to find your way around Venice. The city is like a maze and the maps are impossible to read. We got lost for over an hour twice today!

It has been interesting to notice the differences between Le Marche Region and Venezia. First of all, everyone here speaks English – even when you try to speak to them in Italian! I actually don’t like it (except when I am lost). I am trying to work on my Italian people! Plus, there are tons of tourists here (Americans, Europeans and Chinese mainly). There is also a LOT of seafood here because we are right on the Adriatic Sea. AND SERIOUSLY – there is Gelato on every corner (yum!) and of course lots of great wine! Mom, Dave & I had a very full day! It was fun to be tourists!

I slept so good last night! I think my month in Italy is catching up with me! I am pooped! After Venice, I will be heading to Milan and then taking some R&R around Europe with friends. Mom and Dave go back to Rome on Wednesday. I met a lot of really wonderful people in Piobbico and some of us are going to travel around Europe and see some sights before heading back to the states! Maybe Germany, France – who knows! The world is our oyster! I think this will be great for debriefing and reflection.

I’ll blog as much as I can. Thank goodness for Internet café’s!



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Kate said...

I don't know who those people are, but I enjoyed your blog! And it is pretty easy to tell you aren't a he. :) I love seeing pictures of Europe, since it will probably be many, many, many years before we will get to go! :) Enjoy some Gelato for me! I would weigh 500lbs if it truly is on every corner- because you have to find out which one is the best, right?!

Liz Krulick said...

Hey Lindsay,
I sent you another email on your other account. Please check it. I pretty much really need to talk to you. Liz