Saturday, July 12, 2008



What a contrast from Piobbico! Everyone speaks English, for one. I was in a cab and the driver kept speaking to me in English even though I was speaking to him in Italian. 
I finally asked him if we could speak “solo Italiano…” 
He agreed. 
Rome is a hugely historical city. 
The coliseum, the bathhouses, the ruins. 
WOW! It is HOT too! Of course there is the Vatican as well.  
It is amazing to be looking at something you’ve read about your entire life!

There are a bunch of singers from ASU 
at the Rome Festival this summer! Rome is the hot spot I guess. 
Everyone in Rome wants to talk about America. 
It is so interesting! Trying to see everything in Rome 
in one trip is impossible, 
however there are a lot of things you can see. 
It is a very cool and very touristy city in the summer!

Today is a new day!

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