Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal --- well - it happened! What can I say? I need to go back and listen to the recording before saying too much, however it was both exciting and scary working with the orchestra! Cast B performs tomorrow night and then we sing on Friday. My days in Piobbico are winding down and yet the memories will last forever!

Last night the mayor of Piobbico and several locals hosted a wonderful dinner for all of us at Il Burchio - which by the way is a FABUOLOUS resturant. It was a polenta party! They made polenta from scratch and we all enjoyed an authentic and scrumptious Italian dinner! My parents joined us and they just took in the beauty and the people.

Singing on the stage with the orchestra was a wonderful gift to me and I can only hope that Friday night will be even better once we have an audience! I am SUPER busy over the next few days, so if my blog seems slow - hang in there with me! I will share all my stories and photos in due time.

Cioa and Buona notte!

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Liz Krulick said...

I hope you do wonderful tomorrow night! Happy Independence Day from back home ;)
I will be praying for you.