Sunday, March 30, 2008

What to expect at a vocal recital

With my recital coming up in one week, some of you have asked me what to expect when coming to a vocal recital. I thought it might be good to discuss some basic aspects of what goes on at a vocal recital and answer some Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Many people ask, what should I wear?  The answer is - whatever you like.  Some people will dress up and others will be in jeans.  There is no required attire - so just come!!!
  • People often get confused as to wear to clap and where not to clap.  Let me help by stating that audiences should never clap in the middle of a "set" of music, but rather, wait until the entire set is complete and then applaud.  One example from my program is the Mignon Lieder by Hugo Wolf.  There are four pieces in this set and they are performed straight through without clapping or stopping.
  • Another question people ask is what are you singing about?  It's true that much of the vocal repertoire is written in languages such as Italian, French and German.  However, there are two solutions:  1) I have posted the translations to all my pieces on my blog for you to read and 2) There will be "supertitles" shown at during the recital.  These are essentially the English translations to all the pieces.
  • People ask how long is the recital?  I am singing 50 minutes of music + there is a intermission so the entire recital should last 75-90 minutes.

If you think of other questions - let me know and I will try to answer them!

See you Sunday!


liederlover said...

hey girl, looking forward to your recital!
btw, the title of my blog is enharmonicallychallenged.

see you tomorrow!

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