Saturday, March 1, 2008

Headed to Italy

It is official!  I am headed to Italy!

This summer I will be spending 1 month in Piobbico, Italy with The Professional Advantage.
This program helps offer young emerging opera singers the chance to train alongside those working in the field as well as live among the locals in Italy.

While in Piobbico I will have daily Italian classes as well as prepare for a production of Suor Angelica where I will be performing the title role.  At the end of the program we will perform Suor Angelica with orchestra in the local opera house.  In addition we will also have a night of scenes and arias where I will be Mimi in Act III of La Boheme and Donna Elvira in the Sextet, Act II of Don Giovanni.

I am thrilled to anticipate this summer and I will be keeping you posted as new details arise!
But for now...

"Bueno Notte!"

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Anonymous said...

I am super jealous of you.. but you def. deserve this! =D
This is REALLY REALLY REALLY cool- i must say...

- heabin