Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tonight's the night!

Well, after months of preparation, my recital date has finally arrived.  How blessed I am to have the opportunity to sing!  One year ago I was working for a great company in a job that wasn't for me.  I knew I was a singer and had a deep passion and purpose with music however the time was not right for me to pursue it.  Now I am at ASU, pursuing my doctorate and tonight I have the gift of being able to share what I love with my friends and family.  Thank you Lord!  I know not everyone in the world loves what they do all day long - so I count my blessings and I give thanks to God for this wonderful opportunity.

The music on this program is striking.  It has penetrated deeply into my heart.  The poems and stories have come inside and caused me to think and to respond.  I hope that you all have the chance, even if not tonight, to experience this music.  It will touch you deeply.

My goal today is to rest, reflect on the text of my music and recall my blessings!  I am really excited for the recital and hope to see you there!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulatons Lindsay! You did an AMAZING job tonight at your performance. You looked gorgeous in your dress and accessories and it was an honor to hear you sing.
Great job!!!
Terri P.