Friday, April 4, 2008

Going out of Buisness and a Dress Rehearsal

When my day started on Thursday I was alerted to the fact that ATA Airlines was going out of business due to bankruptcy - effective immediately!!! What I didn't know at the time was that my mom was scheduled to fly here on ATA! I soon learned that she had been woken up super early by the news and scrambled to find a new ticket to Phoenix from Honolulu. Even while she was searching flights, they were becoming "unavailable." She was able to find a ticket on United and for a reasonable price (although now she has to connect in SFO). So, instead of coming tomorrow, she'll be here tonight! Thank you Lord!

My day ended with my dress rehearsal from 9-11pm. It went well. However I was kinda tired because I had already spent a whole day working, singing, etc... Plus, I don't normally sing that late at night. However, the run-through was an overall success. Karen, my fabulous accompanist, did an outstanding job at EVERYTHING! This experience was encouraging and also a reality check. It's one thing to sing on a practice room or in your lesson and it's another thing to stand on stage in heels and perform a whole recital.

What I need between now and Sunday is sleep, tea and peace. Thankfully, my mom will be here and today is FRIDAY - which means I am done for the week and all that remains is my recital on Sunday at 5!

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